Pre-configured, integrated straton run time for INtimeŽ RTOS creates a ready-to-run solution for PC platforms

In order to offer the best support for the integration of straton in the real-time system INtime, the two companies decide to create a partnership. Through this collaboration, both companies want to bring reactivity for the...[more]

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Simplified PLCopen based motion programming realized in collaboration with koenig-pa and TenAsys


Joining our technologies and expertise, we have developed an interface allowing the connection of straton with EtherCat Master in a more intuitive way, via the use of function motion blocks from PLC Open. The KPA EtherCAT master...[more]

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straton 9.2 Now Available!


Discover and download straton 9.2!

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Safe SIL 2 - straton 9.2

Related to the IEC61508 standard, this certification is applied in the Industry field, dealing with the functional safety of safety-related Electrical, Electronic systems, programmable or not (E/E/PE systems).

The analysis of...[more]

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Editor Enhancement - straton 9.2

In order to render the working time on straton more efficient, our team developed new functionalities to straton Editor.

The navigation between projects is easier thank to our view of the call tree.


The report of the “Find...[more]

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JSON - straton 9.2

straton 9.2 brings some improvement.

The JSON data server was successfully ported under QNX, with the Nginx HTTP server version 1.2.4.

The data server is now open for both CGI and FastCGI techniques, based on the FastCGI open...[more]

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New protocol : MVB - straton 9.2

straton includes a configurator and a driver for process data exchange over MVB protocol, used for train communication and control. The ANSI C portable driver requires the implementation of an OEM layer in charge of access to the...[more]

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EtherCAT by KOENIG - straton 9.2

A new driver for EtherCAT fieldbus is available. The driver is based on the KOENIG EtherCAT Configuration Tool and Protocol Stack. It is configured with the same fieldbus configurator as other EtherCAT drivers.



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straton Embedded Solution

COPA-DATA proposes an effective solution for any plateform manufacturers who want to integrate a controller function and / or communication protocols in their product. Available for any type of hardware (microcontrollers, RTU, intelligent sensors, ...) and compatbile with environments with or without operating system, the stratom Embedded Solution integrates all the expertise of COPA-DATA in a stable and powerful environment in only 2 days!

Easy and Speedy integration

With a footprint of only a few kilobytes , the straton runtime can be integrated easily in any environment and thus represents the most flexible multiplatform programming tool of its generation.The straton technology has been proven for over 10 years with many OEM hardware manufacturers. Its openness and simplicity offer exceptional flexibility and responsiveness for all users.The integration is quick and easy using the tools provided by COPA-DATA: a powerful and intuitive development environment; an independent and effective Runtime, development kits for the different supported modules and well documented programing tools

Easy to use

COPA-DATA provides an intuitive and easy to use development environment.Based on the IEC 61131-3 standard that defines the international programming languages FBD, ST, LD, SFC and IL, the straton development environment offers a high degree of flexibility in programming applications. With straton it is possible to create an application using any combination of the five programming languages and to switch between them as required. Use of international standardized programming languages ensures maximum compatibility and supportability.


straton demonstrates its flexibility by adapting for use in both small platforms and industrial PC platforms with or without operating systems. Applications can be easily transferred from one environment to another and can continue to be developed along with the platform without additional investment / costs associated with porting applications.straton supports a wide range of communication protocols that can be integrated at any time using the configuration tools included and can easily be deployed in an existing product.


Openness is one of the main strengths of straton. Completely independent of the hardware, it is possible to integrate additional modules at any time.A list of communication protocols is available and accessible from the application programming interface (BACnet, EtherNet / IP, Modbus, POWERLINK, PROFINET ...). In addition, the integration of function blocks in "C" is readily achievable to complete the function blocks already present in the standard products (Timing, regulation, TCP / IP communication, serial and UDP, linearization, logic).