DL Panama chooses straton for Panama Metro Line 2

DL Panama has chosen straton to provide a solution to support automation of key aspects of stations on Line 2 of the Panama Metro

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Energotest chose straton IEC 61131-3 for its ET-DCS - new PLC controller.

Energotest, a subsidiary of ELEKTROBUDOWA S.A.

Energotest and COPA-DATA worked together on ET-DCS.[more]

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Industry 4.0, made in France

Made-to-measure ADISON IOT solution with straton

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DNV GL certification for SECHERON


SECHERON continues its commitment to excellence through DNV GL (KEMA) certification with straton

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EASchangesystems chose straton

For programming of its equipment, EAS chose straton.

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IEC 61131-3

Millions of possibilities achievable quickly and easily are now within easy reach. The COPA-DATA solution is built using a modular structure that allows for a variety of delivery options, such as the standard straton development environment or by integrating components in an existing framework.


The IEC 61131-3 is the third part of the IEC61131 standard publishes by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 1993. The IEC61131 is a worldwide standard applicable for the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

The part 3 describes the 5 programming languages supported: Function Block Diagram (FBD), Structured Text (ST), Instruction List (IL), Sequential Function Chart (SFC) and Ladder Diagram (LD). The use of these language is commonly use the industrial market for other platform like SoftPLC, Programmable Application Controller (PAC), Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU), Motion controller, Drives and any embedded platform that required to be programmable.

The IEC61131-3 standard is promoted by a group of hardware manufacturers and software editors through the PLCopen organization that informs users/programmers about the benefits of standardized industrial control programming.

More about IEC 61131...

COPA-DATA solutions for IEC 61131-3:


Customized Development Environment (Brand Labelling)

COPA-DATA provides a development kit that allows an OEM to customize the IDE with its logo, name and specific features. Customization of the Integrated Development Tool includes:

  • Change the name of the product
  • Change the product logo
  • Change the About dialog
  • Change the Help files
  • Change the setup (install procedure)
  • And more

straton Development Environment

The straton solution is a ready to use Integrated Development Environment that supports the IEC61131-3 and the entire additional toolset, including Feldbus configuration and diagnostics, necessary to develop an IEC61131-3 application. The hardware manufacturer can integrate additional configuration tools for their proprietary I/O boards, other Fieldbus solutions and any dedicated plug-ins (such as packML).

Integrating straton controls in OEM framework

In the case of an existing framework (.Net, QT, MFC, etc) you can integrate graphics components called 'control' or widget. Each control can be loaded and manage through a standard API in any framework. There are over 20 controls, from the five IEC61131-3 editors to powerful Fieldbus configuration tools and diagnostic tools such as the soft-oscilloscope. An easy to use solution for all OEMs to keep their tools consistent and familiar for their users.


OEM controls integrated in straton environment

Another solution available with straton is to create plug-ins or controls and to integrate them into the straton development environment, alongside the existing controls that are available, such as IEC61131-3 editors, configuration tools, high level editors, debug tools and views for monitoring... COPA-DATA provides a tool to create these plug-ins and give you the possibility to create your own programs, variables, I/O configurations or packML.