Pre-configured, integrated straton run time for INtime® RTOS creates a ready-to-run solution for PC platforms

In order to offer the best support for the integration of straton in the real-time system INtime, the two companies decide to create a partnership. Through this collaboration, both companies want to bring reactivity for the...[more]

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Simplified PLCopen based motion programming realized in collaboration with koenig-pa and TenAsys


Joining our technologies and expertise, we have developed an interface allowing the connection of straton with EtherCat Master in a more intuitive way, via the use of function motion blocks from PLC Open. The KPA EtherCAT master...[more]

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straton 9.2 Now Available!


Discover and download straton 9.2!

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Safe SIL 2 - straton 9.2

Related to the IEC61508 standard, this certification is applied in the Industry field, dealing with the functional safety of safety-related Electrical, Electronic systems, programmable or not (E/E/PE systems).

The analysis of...[more]

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Editor Enhancement - straton 9.2

In order to render the working time on straton more efficient, our team developed new functionalities to straton Editor.

The navigation between projects is easier thank to our view of the call tree.


The report of the “Find...[more]

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Training IEC 61131-3

COPA-DATA IEC 61131-3 training course

Training courses are offered on products and on the IEC 61131-3 standard languages. Our company is certified Training Center and complies with the PLCopen Certified IEC 61131-3 Training Course.

Through the IEC61131-3 training, COPA-DATA transmits its 20 years’ experience in programming, deployment and maintenance of the applications for automation, in conformity with the standard IEC 61131-3. The theoretical concepts are described and validated by practical exercises with PLC platforms using the straton IEC61131-3 programming tool.

About the training course

Learn programming, using and maintaining the automation applications in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard. The training course consists of theoretical presentations about the standard with practical exercises allowing concretizing the theoretical notions.

Concerned people:

Technicians and engineers responsible for programming and for maintenance of the applications. Basic knowledge on automation systems and the Microsoft Windows operating system knowledge are required.

More info: info.fr(at)copadata.com


Training program

Day 1:

  • Presentation of COPA-DATA and straton
  • PLCOpen and IEC 61131-3
  • Getting Starte
  • Theory : Cycle, Program, Sub-Program and Function Blocks, Variables, Constant expressions
  • Programming languages : Structured Text, Function Block Diagram, Ladder Diagram
  • Test sequence
  • Graphics

Day 2:

  • Programming languages SFC: Getting used, Steps, Transitions, Children
  • Librairies and External objects
  • Definitions
  • Sub-Program and
  • Function Blocks
  • Debug tools
  • Resources
  • Compiling and execution options

Day 3:

  • Fieldbuses configuration: Depending on customer needs
  • Questions & Answers
  • Practice project
  • Quizz

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