straton Runtime Integration Validation

Designed to automate the validation of the straton instruction set, regression testing, and create test applications.

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EATON chose straton

Eaton has chosen straton to optimize the Xiria with RTU for Smart Grid application

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PLCopen Conformity Level ST Certification

COPA-DATA S.A. has successfully passed the tests performed by the iƒak laboratory in Germany according to PLCopen Conformity Level ST [more]

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Certified training courses

COPA-DATA is certified as a training center and complies with the PLCopen Certified CEI 61131-3 Training Course.[more]

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Frequently asked questions

  • Editor

  • Can I mix data types when calling a block with “ANY” parameters?

    No. For one call to a block, all values/variables passed to parameters having data type « ANY » must have the same data type.

  • How to convert a program to another language with editor version 9.1?

    Since version 9.1, commands for converting a program are no more in the Tools menu. Right click on the program in the workspace and use the « Convert » commands of the contextual menu.

  • How to initialize variables?

    Initial values can be set in the variable editor, directly in each programs, by double clicking in the Init value column. In order to have an overview of all the variables in the project and/or in order to set initial values, open the Variables item from the project workspace.

  • How to change the display format of real values during debug?

    From the menu, open the Project settings box and select the Debugging page. Here you can set the number of decimal digits to be displayed for either REAL or LREAL variables.

  • How to work with libraries of function blocks or sub-programs?

    straton proposes two solutions for this. Both are described in the "Programming Environment / Libraries" section of the On Line help.

  • How to display line numbers in ST or IL programs?

    Run the menu command "Tools / Options" and select the "Editing" page. Here is the option "Show ST line numbers".

  • How to manage version control for a project?

    This is possible using SubVersion (SVN). From the "Help / Tutorials" menu command, select « Version Control.pdf » to get a full description of how this works.

  • How to display line numbers in ST or IL programs?

    Run the menu command « Tools / Options » and select the « Editing » page. Here is the option « Show ST line numbers ».

  • How to map an array of variables on a MODBUS request in the Fieldbus Configurations?

    First of all, create the Modbus request (Insert Slave/Data-block) but do not check the « Declare variables » option. Create the array of variables in the dictionnary. Select the Slave/Data-block node in the Fieldbus Configurations. Drag and drop the variable from the dictionnary into the grid (bottom window of the Fieldbus Configurations).

  • Runtime

  • What is the "T5xxx: Can’t find Bus Driver DLL" message?

    After trying to download an application containing Fieldbus Configurations, the following error occurs: “T5xxx: Can’t find Bus Driver DLL”. On Linux runtimes, it means that the driver is not implemented. On Windows runtime, first of all, check that the DLL is present in the folder where the runtime is installed. If not, just add the DLL in this folder or restart the Energy runtime.

  • How to set the connection timeout between the Editor and the Runtime?

    By default this timeout is 3 seconds. In order to modify it, open the Communication Settings (Tools > Communication Parameters…) and put the timeout (seconds) in parenthesis at the end of the IP address of the runtime. Example for 10 seconds:

  • Tools

  • How to export a project as XML from a .BAT file?

    With straton EXE files is a program called K5B.exe. Call it with the following syntax: K5B.exe X K5XML Run K5B.exe without any argument to know possible options.