KEMA certification for IEC 61850 client driver

The zenon Client Driver has been certified by the international testing body, KEMA

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Open Power Link integration in straton

Not just an additional Realtime Ethernet protocol but a pathway to greater flexibility

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zenon and straton supervise the San Gregorio Magno wind farm

New wind farm in San Gregorio Magno (SA), turbines produce 2.5 MW, resulting in the supply of a total of 42.5 MW of electrical energy to the transmission grid.[more]

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Safe SIL 2 - straton 9.2

Related to the IEC61508 standard, this certification is applied in the Industry field, dealing with the functional safety of safety-related Electrical, Electronic systems, programmable or not (E/E/PE systems).

The analysis of...[more]

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Validation Tool

Applications validation and test

The straton software validation tool is designed for OEMs that want to automate the validation of the straton instruction set, create test applications and automate regression testing in order to identify changes that impact behavior.

The validation can be done in the simulation tool integrated to the straton IDE or connected through TCP/IP or serial line with the real hardware platform.



The tool automatically chains the testing of a set of applications, each application is stored as an XML export file and applies the conventions.


For each test project, the Validation tools automatically:

  • extract the project from the XML file using the straton DataBase
  • compile using the straton compiler
  • connect to the runtime and download using the straton networking interface
  • wait for OK or FAIL information.

The test stops after the first error.


The tool is delivered with a set of sample test projects that can be enhance with user applications.