EATON chose straton

Eaton has chosen straton to optimize the Xiria with RTU for Smart Grid application

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straton for DLMS/ COSEM

It is now easy to communicate with a Smart Metering system, a dispatch center (IEC60870), a substation (IEC61850), a wind farm (IEC61400), a solar panel power plant and with any automation components

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PLCopen Conformity Level ST Certification

COPA-DATA S.A. has successfully passed the tests performed by the iƒak laboratory in Germany according to PLCopen Conformity Level ST [more]

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Far Systems chose straton

The Far Systems Company in Verona, specialized in the manufacture of onboard train control electronics, chose straton to reach their goals

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Debugging tools

Very powerful tools are provided for online debugging and simulating the IEC 61131-3 application. The Log window displays all run time messages sent by the target or by the simulator when testing the application.
The Spy Lists is a powerful monitoring tool that enables you to spy variables of the application at run time and build list of variables that you can save and re-open.
Variables of simple data type could be spied as well as arrays, data structures and statements.


Diagnostic information

Powerful tools are provided for debugging and online simulation of IEC 61131-3 applications. A diagnostic window displays messages of the runtime sent by target or by the simulator application tool.

Variable values are displayed in the program or in the lists of variable. Variable lists allow you to spy on real-time values of variables during the online test or simulation. This tool also allows you to build lists of variables that you can save and re-open. The simple variables, tables and data structures can be spied. Expressions can be evaluated.


Test Sequences 

The straton Editor includes an integrated tool for designing and running automated test scenarios. Test scenarios are so called "Test Sequences" and are documents of the workspace. The test scenario can be created using the text editor or by recording some particular variables. This is a wonderful tool for the commissioning of the applications.


Graphics monitoring

Embedded applications use more and more graphic displays or require a remote connection through a TCP/IP connection to the application.

These two requirements are fulfilled by straton in one editor. This editor for graphic pages is integrated in the straton workbench. Building graphic applications to spy and monitor variables of the project is done in a very intuitive way and can be done online.

Graphic pages are displayed in the straton workbench which is very useful for the engineers. However this tool is also able to create local HMI or a web HMI through ActiveX technology.


Step by Step debugging

In addition to the cycle by cycle execution mode, the debugger has a rich collection of powerful features for making step by step debugging in the source code of your application.

The step by step feature is completed by the possibility to place breakpoints in the source code of the application.
The debugger also shows you the call stack of called UDFBs and sub-programs when stepping. Step by step debugging is available:

  • in ST and IL text programs (a step is a statement)
  • in LD program (a step is a rung)
  • in FBD (a step is a graphic symbol corresponding to an action)

Digital sampling trace

The runtime system as the simulator include a digital sampling trace recorder. The configuration of the signals to analyze is done through the straton Integrated Development Tool (IDE).
The recorder is capable to register periodically the state of up to 8 Boolean variables. Samples can be registered either on each cycle or according to a configurable period. Values are registered locally in the straton runtime and can be uploaded with the IDE for analyzing.
The digital sampling trace is the perfect tool for tracking alea and events in the IEC61131 application.


Soft scope

An integrated oscilloscope using a real time high speed protocol over Ethernet can be configured to monitor key variables within the application to provide detailed debug information with high precision.



A recipe manager is integrated in the straton Development Environment. The recipe manager allows to edit/create set of variables values. The set of values can be entered from the editor or online by saving the current state. The predefined set of values can be sent to the runtime in the same time using the recipe manager or using a function block in the IEC61131-3 application.