straton for Raspberry PI


The Raspberry Pi is a small computer with an ARM processor that can run multiple types of free GNU / Linux operating systems compatible with many software applications. Raspberry Pi offers many opportunities for development. straton is now available for programming applications with the Raspberry Pi.

A flexible environment

Compatible with model B and the Linux operating system, the straton runtime for Raspberry Pi supports all five programming languages of IEC 61131-3 (ST, IL, LD, SFC, FBD). This enables the development of applications in different languages and the conversion from one language into another language at any time.


Access to industrial communication protocols

In addition to the main features of straton, COPA-DATA has developed a runtime that allows users to benefit from access to industrial communication protocols dedicated to the energy market:

  • IEC 61850
  • IEC60870
  • Profinet
  • GP I / O
  • I2C



straton for Raspberry Pi

COPA-DATA provides a straton development environment for all Raspberry Pi users with a runtime and a dedicated tutorial included in the straton Setup for Raspberry Pi. The trial version allows you to create applications with a runtime of 15 minutes. The straton runtime for Raspberry Pi provides a stable and professional development environment for programming applications.

Prefer the recommended Linux distribution Raspbian



Download straton for Raspberry PI