EASchangesystems chose straton


At EASchangesystems, they aim to achieve more with less. With solutions that are designed and built for easy installation on existing and new original equipment, this leading-edge innovator has a proven track record as turnkey project supplier. For programming of its equipment, EASCHANGESYSTEMS chose straton.

"Time is money"

Since 1990, EASchangesystems has played a leading role in cost reduction with factory automation solutions. Today, thanks to EASchangesystems’ single-source system solutions, the clamping and release of molds is a process of minutes instead of hours.


Everything from one source

EASchangesystems offers automation solutions that are designed and built for easy installation on existing and new original equipment. This is making a huge impact on the plastic injection molding industry, where EASchangesystems fastened the pace with quick mold change (QMC) systems. With innovative quick die change (QDC) systems significant improvements have been made for metal stamping applications as well. A diversity of branches is served with high quality mono- and multicouplers from EASchangesystems.


Reliable partners

To be able to offer this high level of cost-effectiveness, EASchangesystems rely on reliable and accurate suppliers who can join them in their ongoing search for improvement.
For its equipment, EASchangesystems aspired to use COPA-DATA straton software integrated on ADISON electronic card that supports the requirements of reliability and accuracy of the market as well as the flexibility and openness to many communication protocols (CANopen, MODBUS ...).


Strong with straton

EASchangesystems chose straton, combining its needs with the development of standardized IEC 61131-3 applications and a simple and effective solution that can be integrated quickly.



« The combination of ADISON electronic card and straton programming software provided by COPA-DATA, resulted in a highly performing solution. Robust and competitive, the combination significantly reduced our development time».
Benoît MENOT,  R&D Manager at EASchangesystems.



About EASchangesystems:

EASchangesystems has a worldwide reputation for innovative excellence in Quick Mold Change (QMC) and Quick Die Change (QDC) technology. With high quality mono- and multi couplers a diversity of branches is served. EASchangesystems helps companies to produce just-in-time with a higher speed and more flexibility.

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