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Doosan Develops Integrated Monitoring & Control System for Taean Thermal Power Plant based on straton technology.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction succeeded in developing and commissioning an integrated monitoring and control system (IMCS) for 500MW Taean Thermal Power Plant Unit 1 jointly with Korea Western Power Co. and the KEPCO Research Institute.


COPA-DATA have specific features for this application strong reliability and flexibility for redundant control applications.

The development of the IMCS is one of the state-funded projects referred to as "projects for developing fundamental power technology," which the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning have been implementing jointly since 2007. Doosan took charge of developing the control system, KEPCO Research Institute took part in inspection, and Korea Western Power Co. was responsible of the plant operation, including commissioning.


An integrated control system, similar to a human brain, is a core equipment of power plants that increases safety and efficiency of power generation by controlling main equipment and the balance of power plant via computer programs. With the system being associated with safety issues, the required technical qualifications are not easily achieved. Due to this issue, only leading global companies have been supplying most of the control systems used in domestic power plants to date.


Notably, unlike conventional systems that control boilers, turbines and power generators separately, the integrated power plant control system for Taean TPP (Thermal Power Plant) Unit 1 is able to control such facilities from a single control tower.


The system provides greater efficiency in operation and maintenance than conventional systems, and is the first integrated system to be developed for 500MW TPP in the world.



About straton

COPA-DATA supplies a complete range of protocols and fieldbus to improve communication between different material: BACnet, CAN/ CANopen, DNP3, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, Powerlink, IEC 61850, IEC 60870, DLMS/COSEM; fully compatible with Windows, Linux, VxWorks,QNX and proprietary operating systems.

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