Among the most Powerful & Versatile 19" RTUs on the Market


New RTU32R offers in general same features as the DIN rail mounted RTU32 Series. The SNMP Agent facilities makes it a powerful SNMP Alarm and Control units for all kind of infrastructure and telecom applications for facility and Asset management.


straton IDE Configuration Tool

The straton IDE application programming environment supports all EN/IEC61131 programming languages. It supports standard Modbus protocol suite and EN/IEC870-5-101/104. Optionally drivers such as SNMP Agent drivers for network management are provided. The unit is designed in a compact 189mm wide module for DIN-rail mounting. Standard interfaces are 2 x Ethernet 10/100Mbit ports and 2 x serial interfaces as well as USB, VGA and PS/2 (keyboard and mouse) interfaces. Industrial I/Os are integrated and LocalBus interface available for all Brodersen I/O Expansion modules.


With only 1U high and up to 60 inputs and outputs, it provide features for discrete alarms and local analogue measurements like temp, voltage levels etc. - to features of local control options via integrated relay outputs.

I/O can be expanded to +1000 if required. SNMP are configured via simple text files and/or via the integrated WebServer. Advanced functions like local logic is available via standard PLC programming functions which also provide simple site-to-site distributed communication between any RTU32R devices in the network.