For more than 40 years, R.S.A.I. has been offering tailor-made PLC solutions for all manufacturers wishing to collect data to monitor and optimize their production.
With the B4K+ product range integrating straton software, R.S.A.I. brings its products an opening towards the IOT by offering a PLC combining intelligence and open communication adapted to your cloud.

Increased connectivity


The B4K+ is an intelligent and highly communicative PLC based on straton solutions for the IOT.
It provides communication to various fieldbuses and connections commonly used in industry, such as CAN, RS485 and Ethernet. With a Big Data orientation, it also communicates with local networks, hosted servers, public or private clouds.

straton also allows the B4K+ to communicate across networks using MQTT and OPCUA protocols, and to access databases with MySQL or SQLite blocks.

Equipped with a straton IEC 61131-3 standardised straton PLC core, its opening allows it to be easily interconnected to any type of PLC and existing equipment.

B4K+ - PLC for IOT/ IIOT


The B4K+ has been designed to meet the needs of industry 4.0. It allows manufacturers to control their installations remotely, to collect data in real time that can be used for analysis and production optimization.
It also ensures the reactivity of teams by sending SMS or email alerts, for example.

"The B4K+ is a versatile PLC designed to meet the needs of tomorrow's industry. With straton, we provide our customers with fully flexible integration and application customization." Christophe MARTIN - Sales Manager Products and Services at R.S.A.I.

Ultra flexible, it can be interconnected with all types of machines and different PLCs. For example, it can be adapted to the industrial production (data acquisition; sending alerts for maintenance teams), boiler rooms (miniaturized electrical cabinet in a box, remote control) and autonomous navigation vehicles (vehicle control, location data).

RSAI can also provide you with an additional product range (remote I/O, etc...) fully compatible with your B4K+ PLC.

About R.S.A.I. :

RSAI's Products and Services division allows users to benefit from several decades of experience to obtain a customized solution. R.S.A.A.I. devotes 15% of its turnover to R&D to design new products and maintain its position at the top of the new technologies.

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