straton 9.2 release

Over time, straton is benefiting from the costumer experience and becoming ever more comprehensive, offering a flexible and powerful high-quality tool. With this new version, straton 9.2, the COPA-DATA France team has decided to expand options for sharing data, creating a safe device, simplifying the exchange of your information and allowing a work always more intuitive.


  • straton remains compatible with all embedded operating systems
  • Certification for Safe SIL 2 in progress
  • Numerous new protocols
  • Improvement on straton Editor
  • Improvement on straton development Kit

straton Editor: Easier to use

The “Cycle” box enables to configure a period and a phase for some programs not to be executed on every PLC scan. The box now includes statistics and a graphic view of the repartition of programs execution among cycles.
It is now possible to select multiple objects in the project tree for deleting them or moving them (drag & drop).
Graphical view of calls between POUs is available from the output window and can be used to navigate in the project.
The report of the “Find in files” command is now shown in a hierarchical view.


straton Development Kit: new applications

A new portable ANSI-C library is available for the management of telegrams for the client side of the T5 protocol. This is the protocol used by the straton debugger. The library includes services for: 

  • Start/Stop an application  
  • Download an application   
  • Read/Write variables

An alternative version of the DDK (Driver Development Kit) interface is now ready for developing configuration wizard DLLs in C#. The current interface based on C++/MFC is still available, and coexist with the C# version.

Drivers: Simplified information exchange

We added numerous drivers in straton 9.2, for facilitating the communication between your devices and the straton Runtime. In January, you will find: 

  • EtherCAT: The driver is based on the KOENIG EtherCAT Configuration Tool and Protocol Stack. It is configured with the same fieldbus configurator as other Ethercat drivers.
  • Ethernet IP / scanner: The driver for Ethernet/IP scanner now supports explicit messaging, for reading and writing attribute through the “Read Single Attribute” and “Write Single Attribute” services.
  • OPC UA: straton and its OPC UA server allows to communicate in a simple way between your scada and device. OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is a platforme independent service-oriented, that integrates all the functionalities from OPC into one extensible Framework. With this micro-server integrated into straton, the sharing of data to the cloud will be secure, remaining independent from the operating system used.

  • MVB: straton includes a configurator and a driver for process data exchange over MVB protocol, used for train communication and control. The ANSI C portable driver requires the implementation of an OEM layer in charge of access to the MVB board. The configurator includes a wizard for importing the MVB configuration from DUAGON D2000 scripts.

Safe SIL2: more safety for your application

Related to the IEC61508 standard, this certification is applied in the Industry field, dealing with the functional security of electronical and electric systems, programmable or not, and linked to the security. The analysis of security determines a risk level, called SIL (Safety Integrity Level), requiring a certain level of security concerning the use of materials and the reliability of software.

The main component of the straton Safe runtime will be prepared for certification. OEMs that want to create a Safe Device can use this component and the integration manual in their own certification process. With straton and Safe SIL2, the analysis of potential risks and their causes will be facilitated. You will only have to follow the steps for the certification of your software, without having to create all the documents.


Certification planned for 2018