Simplified PLCopen based motion programming realized in collaboration with koenig-pa and TenAsys


Joining our technologies and expertise, we have developed an interface allowing the connection of straton with EtherCat Master in a more intuitive way, via the use of function motion blocks from PLC Open. The KPA EtherCAT master realizes the fieldbus connection to the drives.




The INtime real-time OS serves as the optimal base platform for the combined straton / KPA motion runtime environment. Thanks to this real-time solution, you will be able to modify simple data such as the speed of rotation or the position of your axis, and using a function already integrated into the motion blocks, you will control your axis without having to modify the EtherCat Master Stack.

Discover this integration during Embedded World Exhibition, from the 27th of February to the 1st March at the TenAsys booth in hall 4, booth 380.



For more information, download the factsheet