Safe SIL 2 - straton 9.2

Related to the IEC61508 standard, this certification is applied in the Industry field, dealing with the functional safety of safety-related Electrical, Electronic systems, programmable or not (E/E/PE systems).

The analysis of security determines a risk level, called SIL (Safety Integrity Level), requiring a certain level of security concerning the use of materials and the reliability of software.

The main component of the straton Safe runtime will be prepared for certification. OEMs that wants to create a Safe Device can use this component and the integration manual provided by COPA-DATA France in their own certification process.

With straton Safe certified to be SIL2 compliant, the analysis of potential risks and their causes will be facilitated. You will only have to follow the steps for the certification of your software, without having to create the totality of the needed documents.

Certification planned for 2018.

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