Pre-configured, integrated straton run time for INtime® RTOS creates a ready-to-run solution for PC platforms

In order to offer the best support for the integration of straton in the real-time system INtime, the two companies decide to create a partnership. Through this collaboration, both companies want to bring reactivity for the clients who want to integrate an IEC 61131 robot. The combination between straton and INtime offer the possibility to realize applications under the millisecond.

TenAsys brings a legacy of strong technology expertise to its software products. Their solutions have proven themselves over several decades on mission-critical systems in fields as diverse as industrial control, robotics, test and measurement (data acquisition and analysis), medical electronics ans military application. TenAsys are the Embedded virutalization technology experts and they work closely with their customers to help ensure their real-time design success.

Partnering with COPA-DATA to provide a complete PLC Reference Platform for customers, TenAsys' INtime Real Time Operating system allows users to better concentrate on their competencies in programming automation and process control applications. This partnership provides a pre-configured solution for their customers who want to integrate a soft, deterministic PLC with full IED 61131 compliance.

TenAsys and COPA-DATA


Solution values:

  • Scalability onto a single PC Platform,
  • Pre-configured, integrated solution which equates to:
      • Flexibility to accomodate your specific applications and budget,
      • Time to market is quicker,
      • Engineering hours are lower,
      • Less training time and turn-around costs.
  • Total cost of ownership is lower in the long-term (based on reuse, adaptibility and extensibility),
  • Recognizes portable soft PLC feature-rich and compliant with IEC 61131 specifications,
  • Allows users to concentrate on their competencies in programming automation and process control applications,
  • Components of PLC Tools with soft PLC Engine on real time operating systems.