Energotest chose straton IEC 61131-3 for its ET-DCS - new PLC controller.

Energotest and COPA-DATA worked together on ET-DCS.

Energotest, a subsidiary of ELEKTROBUDOWA S.A.

Energotest, a subsidiary of ELEKTROBUDOWA S.A, has been providing its services in the energy sector for 25 years. This company is an expert in data control and manufacturing of electrical Equipment, such as power automation devices and switching Equipment, all adapted to its customers' needs. Energotest's collaboration with COPA-DATA was established for its ET-DCS product, using the straton Runtime and its IEC 61850.


Energotest has successfully developed its activities in the industrial sector, providing control solutions in power distribution division. Their team of specialists enable them to carry out activities such as design, manufacturing and supply of monitoring equipment and electro-energy automation systems, in the overwhelming majority of Polish and foreign production sites.


A high-performance product for the Energy industry.

ET-DCS, energotest controller




The vehicule for the partnership between COPA-DATA and Energotest was Energotest's ET-DCS controller, running on the basis of PLC software, belonging to the straton range and supplied by COPA-DATA. This software enables the CPUs (ET-CP) to be programmed freely, in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard.

ET-DCS PLC allows high-performance data acquisition, power generation monitoring, control and distribution solution, that is also capable of running industrial control processes. Its CPU boasts numerous communication protocols, including IEC 61850, Modbus TCP, DNP3 and EGD. To simplify all operations, Energotest has created its own bus - ET BUS -, enabling communication with up to 64 modules.




Product characteristics :

  • 2 Ethernet ports transmitting at 1Gb/s
  • Communication bus created by Energotest (ET-BUS)
  • Ability to connect up to 64 modules on the bus, which has flexible size allowing free extension
  • Use of numerous communication protocols, such as : IEC 61850, Modbus TCP, DNP3, EGC...
  • ET-DirectLink, unique feature allowing I/O signals remote mirroring without CPU processing



Forming a partnership with COPA-DATA and straton was obvious.

"straton seemed the most complete solution to run, providing extensions via additional functionalities created also by Energotest programmers."

Marcin Starczewski, Development Manager, Systems and Automation Department, Energotest Poland.


The result.

During the development of ET-DCS, one of the challenge for straton was to integrate on the Energotest Equipment, while remaining efficient and easy to use. All of these new tasks were completed successfully. straton not only provides compliances with IEC 61131-3 standard (which defines the LD, SFC, FBD, ST and IL programming languages), but also with power generation standards such as IEC 61850 or DNP3.

Although integration of a controller and the IEC 61850 driver may seem difficult, the cooperation between our designers and programmers, as well as support from COPA-DATA France and COPA-DATA Poland, has led to complete success.


And this was not the first collaboration between the two companies: Energotest created and implemented a modern monitoring system, ECONTROLplus, capable of replacing legacy systems. This product is based on the COPA-DATA zenon software and not only enables the latest data processing, archiving and management solutions to be provided, but also permits superior control, greater transparency and stronger security solutions.