BRODERSEN KEMA certification with straton IEC61850 Client


Brodersen A/S has passed the IEC61850 Client Level A Certification for the Product Series RTU32 at KEMA in the Netherlands.

The completion of the test was carried out in only 5 days, and that is a new record. No IEC61850 Client driver has ever been KEMA certified so fast.

Brodersen has already being using the straton IEC61850 Drivers for some time and built-up experience with the protocols. And after acquiring the IEC61850 Client Stack in 2012, it was just to find in open time in KEMAs certification test schedule.

Using straton technology in more than 7 years, Brodersen has been taking advantage of the excellent Energy Driver stacks from COPA-DATA for the integration of IEC 61850 protocol - the worldwide standard for communication in energy production and distribution.

We were already using the straton Runtime as our PLC kernel in our RTU32 Series, and the integration of the IEC61850 took just a few days! ", said Ole Borgbjerg, Technical Manager at Brodersen A/S.

COPA-DATA is not only delivering the IEC61850 protocol stack but also the configuration and debugging tools that allow the RTU manufacturers to develop quickly new generation of products:

  • IEC61850-6 SCL Editor
  • IEC61850 Client and Server
  • IEC61850-7-410/420 and IEC61400 Logical nodes
  • IEC61850 Client test tool.

RTU32 - The Powerful RTU, PLC & Industrial Controller

  • Fully integrated and versatile RTU, PLC and Networking Controller
  • Open and flexible platform for a variety of industrial and utility applications
  • WebServer configuration and full IEC61131-3 PLC compliance
  • Unique communication gateway - IEC61850 Suite, IEC60870 Suite, DNP3 Suite, Modbus and many more!
  • Link any data attribute from any driver to another
  • 32-bit 500 MHz industrial hardware platform with or without integrated I/O
  • Compact and designed for reliability in harsh environments
  • Full remote management

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