DL Panama chooses straton for Panama Metro Line 2

DL Panama has chosen straton to provide a solution to support automation of key aspects of stations on Line 2 of the Panama Metro

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Energotest chose straton IEC 61131-3 for its ET-DCS - new PLC controller.

Energotest, a subsidiary of ELEKTROBUDOWA S.A.

Energotest and COPA-DATA worked together on ET-DCS.[more]

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Industry 4.0, made in France

Made-to-measure ADISON IOT solution with straton

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DNV GL certification for SECHERON


SECHERON continues its commitment to excellence through DNV GL (KEMA) certification with straton

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EASchangesystems chose straton

For programming of its equipment, EAS chose straton.

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Energy - Substation Automation System


To satisfy the growing demand of information in the sector of the energy, electric substations require protocols and applications of control more and more complex. All the primary and secondary equipments such as electric transformer, electric autotransformer, circuit breaker at high voltage, etc. are concerned. COPA-DATA develops a range of components supplying the basic features of these equipments and simplifying the configuration of the standard industrial protocols:

IEC61131 & IEC61850 Fully Integrated in One Tool

Energy standards and protocols

Automation systems need to provide more and more information to the control room and SCADA system. The opening of the energy industries request some new standard to send, received information and also provide standard mechanism for each component. These is achieved using the communication standard and energy standard DNP3, IEC60870-101, IEC60870-104, IEC 61850, IEC61400.

Redundant and Secure application

Security is an issue in energy distribution. RTU and BCU should provide an efficient way to secure the application. The capability to provide solutions that enable the redundancy of the main controller of sub-station is not only a requirement but mandatory. In the same spirit the communication protocol can be redundant in few clicks.

Energy projects integrate more and more features. This is achieving using a main automation system but it is also important to keep some logic close to the process using a distributed application. The straton Integrated Development Tool contains a wide range of tool to manage several platforms, to communicate with other platforms, to simulate, to download/upload programming and configuration data and to make debugging and commissioning of your application.

Control/ command and IEC61131-3

The IEC61131-3 is a reference for any automation application. Today no application is implemented without the use of these languages. With straton you can easily with a convenient environment develop such application. More than that, straton includes a lot of useful libraries that reduce the development time. The project automation capability of straton is a simple way to develop quickly your project. Some import tool and/or generation of application program can be easily integrated in straton.

The development time is an important issue in energy market. Reducing the number of tools and the complexity to configure an application is a first step to win some time. But the reliability of the application and capability to update /maintain legacy application is an issue for long term solution as in energy. With the integrated solution straton / zenon COPA-DATA answer to these requirement and even more due to the energy features of zenon (Redundancy, protocols IEC61850/ IEC60870, DNP3). Topology management is fully integrated. The use of a unique database for both tools straton and zenon reduce the configuration time as client/ server configuration is done once.