Far Systems chose straton

The Far Systems Company in Verona, specialized in the manufacture of onboard train control electronics, chose straton to reach their goals

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RightWON Plus with straton

VIZIMAX announces RightWON Plus, a smart controller designed to provide distribution and substation automation experts with a flexible all-in-one solution.

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EATON chose straton

Eaton has chosen straton to optimize the Xiria with RTU for Smart Grid application

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NovaTech chooses straton IEC 61850

NovaTech chooses the straton IEC 61850 Integrated Development Environment for the OrionLX range of product.[more]

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IEC 61131-3 Editors

straton supports all the five languages of IEC 61131-3:

  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Continuous Function Chart (CFC)
  • Ladder Diagram (LD)
  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Instruction List (IL)


Editorís common features:

  • Full support of OLE drag and drop in all editors
  • Powerful auto-documentation feature (HTML)
  • A quick editing with just-in-time variable declaration
  • Graphical project comparison. This tool is highly useful when managing various versions of a project and quickly highlights changes for better diagnostic and maintenance.

ST / IL editor

The ST / IL editor is a dedicated editor, syntax-sensitive of IEC 61131-3 programming languages.
The editor supports advanced features:

  • Drag / Drop
  • Coloring keywords
  • Tooltips animated during the test programs in ST and IL.
  • Automatic completion of variable names.
  • Autocompletion of functions
  • Quick Edit with instant variable declaration.
  • Auto-indentation in agreement with the syntax of the ST language
  • Display values in the source code of the program

FBD Editor

The FBD editor supports advanced graphics features

  • "Drag / Drop" Resizing graphics objects or automatic routing arcs connecting.
  • It also supports integration of graphics LD (Ladder Diagram) elements into FBD language diagrams†
  • Simple editing using the "Snap to Grid" function.
  • Automatic connection of variables
  • Easy integration of variables from the list of variables
  • Zoom in / out

Fieldbus and IOs configuration:

  • The straton Driver Development Kit (DDK) introduces a new powerful and integrated way to develop I/O drivers or fieldbus for the straton runtime.
  • A tree-based configuration fully integrated in straton.†
  • The Fieldbus configuration control is a container for the DDK configuration tool.
  • Fieldbus: MODBUS Master/Slave (RTU,UDP), CAN, PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, EtherNet/IP, AS-Interface, Anybus
  • Protocols: IEC61850, IEC60870, DNP3
  • Graphical configuration for IOs
  • Wizard for easy fieldbus configuration

Variable "Profile" editor:

  • Profile names and parameters of published variables are embedded in the application code and can be accessed through interface in the straton runtime.†
  • The name of the profile and the list of properties are defined through the straton Library Manager.†
  • Using the variable editor, the user has to select a profile for a variable and to fill a property list. The profile name and the property list will then be embedded in the application code.†
  • The variable profiles editor is a control use to manage in a global view all the profile of variables.