Certified training courses

COPA-DATA is certified as a training center and complies with the PLCopen Certified CEI 61131-3 Training Course.[more]

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straton in Beijing Olympic Game

'The choice of straton was evident because of the modularity of straton, the continuous improvement of the product, mainly for energy protocols and the reactivity of the COPA-DATA team said Stephane Anthoine Milhomme, senior...[more]

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COPALP transfers to COPA-DATA France

The COPA-DATA Group is strengthening its presence on the French market. To support this motion, COPALP is being renamed as COPA-DATA France from October 1, 2015.

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COPA-DATA ISO 9001:2015

COPA-DATA has successfully passed the ISO-9001:2015 certification validating its quality management system and ensuring quality, safety and reliability of products and services.

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NovaTech chooses straton

NovaTech chooses the Straton IEC61131-3 Integrated Development Environment for the OrionLX range of product.[more]

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Quality commitment


"To ensure steady growth and positive change, COPA-DATA focuses its attention on four main pillars around which is built the system of quality management. These pillars align all COPA-DATA services (financial, administration, marketing, support and development) and ensure the sustainability of knowledge and the functioning of the company.

The commitment of COPA-DATA's management is based on 4 pillars: FINANCIAL; CUSTOMERS ; OPERATIONAL and HUMAN RESOURCES.


  • The financial commitment

The financial center is one of the four pillars of quality. It includes commitments in the representative figures of the company business. Thus, management is committed to maintaining the margin level, controlling expenses, ensuring financial independence and achieving growth.

  • The commitment regarding customers

A fundamental pillar of the quality system, COPA-DATA has decided to focus its commitments between COPA-DATA and customers particularly by improving customer satisfaction, customer retention, development of market share, sales development made via the group's subsidiaries, as well as development within the existing portfolio.

  • The operational commitment

COPA-DATA is committed to focus its attention on the control of operational processes to ensure quality products and services by improving the supply, quality of products, quality of delivery, but also by innovation.

  • The commitment in human resources

Finally, COPA-DATA is committed to improve foremost working conditions within the company and the stability of the team by conducting individual interviews, sustainability of knowledge and the integration of new members.


These four supporting pillars of our innovation reflect our desire to improve the quality of our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction. They are the main drivers of our growth and engine for our success.


A word from the C.E.O