COPALP has become COPA-DATA France

A new era begins

The COPA-DATA Group is strengthening its presence on the French market. To support this motion, COPALP has been renamed as COPA-DATA France since October 1, 2015.

The COPALP Team will be an integral part of COPA-DATA France and will secure continuous operations to all straton customers. straton customers will be served by COPA-DATA France in the same manner as experienced under the COPALP name.
The straton development team will continue to advance straton and release new versions in the future.


“Of course, our customers will continue to enjoy the same level of product quality and services to which they are accustomed. We intend to offer our customers and potential customers a broader product range and unique development opportunities with the alliance of straton software (embedded automation) and zenon (HMI/SCADA).” Jerome FOLLUT, Managing Director at COPA-DATA France


Parc Sud Galaxie
Rue du Sextant
38130 Echirolles